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 This collection is curated by Natalie for 

Sensitive skin ( red/dry/flakey) 

An impaired barrier ( after using too many active products/hormonal/environmental damage/ stress) 

and particular products for when you are having a flare up, as well and ongoing care of your skin. 

A variety of products depending on your preference.  It is best to get off all active products for at least 3 months to re build your barrier.

For best results we suggest

  1. Choosing one oil ( cleanse), balm cleanser ( pitta)  or biologi cleanser and bamboo facial cloths  to use morning and night while you are building your barrier. I suggest moving to using your cleanser with cloths nighty, then just using your bamboo cloths with water every am after 2 weeks to avoid over cleansing. 
  2. Every sensitive skin should be using Biologi BF daily.  Use this after cleansing,  let it sink in and follow with Anahata balm ( for more severe conditions) or Gold balm ongoing as our moisturiser alternative. Depending on your needs, this is PM only, using Biologi BF alone with sunscreen in the am, and Bf and your balm nightly) 
  3. Always use sunscreen  Simple as that has a sensitive version, it is light wight and great for sensitive skin. 
  4. If you are having a flare up, use BOTH the anti-inflammatory skin shot and the calm balm am and pm over your biologi BF ( instead of the anahata/gold balm) until you skin has calmed down. This means, cleanse, biologi BF, then ise the skin shot 1-2 drops over the inflamed area, wait for it to sink in, then use the calm balm over the entire face. You can go back to #2 routine once it calms down.
  5. Wait a week before adding in a mask, but leave these on the skin for 15 minutes and wash off, finishing with Bf and your chosen balm.  If you have flakey skin, the enzyme mask is great weekly to remove dead skin without causing irritation/inflammation. 
  6. At home LED is recommended for all sensitive skin conditions, NIR 830 nm is anti-inflammatory and Red 633 nm ( I sell one with the clinically proven wavelengths/FDA cleared here ) Use this min 3 x week, max 5 x week.  
  7.  Using at internal gut health powder and collagen OPTIMA 1.0  daily, will help reduce inflammation.  We have so many of our clients on this clinically proven powder ( it's a 4 in one with gut health support, skin support, pre and probiotics and antioxidant support and the company is incredible with their sustainability and research)  Both the mask and powder are available below also. 

From there you can add to your regime. 

If you have ongoing issues with your skin, we highly recommend working with our Kind beauty naturopath Alana Mulhall ( available on line and in person) 

(please tell her your are using products from KINDRED )