Bqk - Radiance facial serum duo ( pigmentation and brightening)


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Biologi Bqk serum

Bqk Radiance is a fully active morning and evening ritual that improves skin colour and clarity while preventing against further pigmentation.


2 x 15ml Bottles. Bqk serum contains the highest levels of natural vitamin C and pigment inhibiting phyto actives that work together to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and redness in the skin as well as preventing further uneven skin tone


Kakadu Plum & Quandong, 0.2% Sodium Benzoate


  • Pigmentation and redness
  • Even skin tone
  • Anti ageing
  • Anti-oxidant protection from damaging free radicals
  • Prevent further pigmentation forming


Plant-based natural vitamin C

The science

Vitamin C from a natural source helps to inhibit melanogenesis (the formation of unwanted pigmentation) increases skin elasticity and reduces redness and sunspots. The powerful active nutrient also helps skin combat damage from harmful UV rays.

Why do I need vitamin C?

  • Skin brightening
  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduce sun spots, acne scarring and redness
  • Anti-oxidant to protect from free radicals and environmental damage

Gallic acid

The science
Gallic acid is a phenolic acid that works as a potent anti-oxidant, reduces DNA damage, inhibits melanogenesis and improves inflammatory skin disorders.

Why do I need gallic acid?

  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduce sun spots and under eye dark circles
  • Anti-oxidant to protect from free radicals and environmental damage

Ellagic acid

The science
Another phenolic acid, ellagic acids helps in the treatment of chronic UV exposure, reduces the potential of photoaging, inhibits melanogenesis and reduces membrane liquid peroxidation and DNA damage.

Why do I need ellagic acid?

  • Sunburn
  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduces sun spots and dark under-eye circles
  • Brightens skin

Quandong 100% active nutrients*



The science
Tryptophan is an alpha amino acid that helps protect the skin from damaging environmental factors such as UV damage that can cause dryness and sensitivity to delicate skin cells. Tryptophan builds protein hydrolysate to lock in moisture and hydrate and strengthen skin cells deep within the dermal layer.

Why do I need tryptophan?

  • Protects the skin from UV damage and environmental factors
  • Build moisture in the skin

Ferulic acid

The science
Ferulic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid that hydrates and protects against free radical and environmental damage caused from exposure to UV rays and pollution.

Why do I need ferulic acid?

  • Prevention of skin alterations such as sun and age spots and redness
  • Prevents early ageing


The science

Rutin is a Flavone Glycoside containing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties essential for a clear complexion and even tone.

Why do I need Rutin?

  • Anti ageing
  • Reduces skin redness and sun spots

Chlorogenic Acid

The science

Chlorogenic Acid is a Phenolic Acid that has significant anti-oxidant activity to protect against UV radiation that causes pigmentation.

Why do I need Chlorogenic Acid?

  • Reduces redness
  • Protection from damaging free radicals
  • Helps to prevent skin alterations such as pigment and sun spots

How to use Bqk Serum:

Morning routine

  • Cleanse thoroughly
  • Apply one to two pumps of morning serum all over the face and around the eye area paying attention to areas with pigmentation
  • Sunscreen

Evening routine

  • Double cleanse
  • Apply one to two pumps of evening serum all over the face and around the eye area paying attention to areas with pigmentation.

Further instructions

  • Always apply to dry skin
  • Week one: use the morning serum daily in the AM, no evening serum required
  • Week two: use the morning serum daily in the AM + the evening serum every second night
  • Week three and ongoing: use both the morning and evening serum daily


***ALWAYS WAIT 5 Minutes before applying sunscreen or your favourite PM balm or oil ( if needed, Natalie loves and uses both MOHI gold oil and THE GOLD BALM nightly). You will dilute the serum and it will not work if you add anything to it straight away ***




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