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SUPER HYDRATING Colloidal Silver MIST 50ML ( inflamed/acne/fungal acne )



A Super Hydrating Colloidal Silver (CS) Mist  for the face and body is a pure solution of microscopic silver particles suspended in water. Micro Silver or Colloidal Silver has been shown in many studies to have strong hydrating, anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal Silver’s anti-microbial properties is due to the positively-charged ions it releases which can disrupt harmful microbes by destabilising both its structure and membranes so it can no longer proliferate.

Skin types 

All - especially acne/inflamed skin 

Nat's tips 

A powerful hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Colloidal Silver which is why it features as a star ingredient in several of our skincare products – especially for dry, acne-prone and inflammation-prone skin types.

How to use 

This mist is a multipurpose product however, it is recommended to be spritzed on the face after cleaning with your Daily Foaming Cleanser and before you apply your Silver Perfecting Cream and/or facial oil or serum.

It can also be spritzed anytime on your face and body throughout the day for a boost of hydration, to soothe or to help clean and clear your skin.


100% Pure Colloidal Silver Water

**MIRON Violet-Glass packaging preserves this anti-bacterial mist product through biophotonic light protection.**