BF Restore Hydration Serum 20ml - Face & Body


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Bf Serum - Contains a unique combination of fruit acids that nourish and protect the whole body. Bf serum is the ideal serum for anyone with sensitive, dry and irritated skin who is looking for a boost of hydration. It is a multi-use serum that can also be used on the face. It's excellent for Eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and all inflammatory skin conditions and helps to strengthen your skin. Being a water soluble extract, it is 'watery' so a little goes a really long way.  So good you can use it on bubs, and children. Try it in your scalp too.  Natalie says ' everyone should have a back up BF, because you ALWAYS need a hydration boost and it will help with ANY rash/burn/barrier issue) . Use it up to 4 times a day during any kind of flare up. It does not contain any essential oils. 


How to use -

You can use all biologi serums all over your face too! We suggest starting with this serum, and moving on to the others, or alternating between Bk for dehydrated/ pigmented skins or Bd for oily/acne skins.  This product takes the place of your mists and your moisturisers, it really is an all in one. It's vert important that you do not mix it with any other moisturisers or oils, as it is active, you will void all of the actives. Wait a few minutes before applying sunscreen. 

Our founder Natalie uses BF alone every am ( you don't need a mist or a moisturiser, just your sunscreen over the top!) and follows up by alternating her favourite oil and balm in the evening for GLOWING, SOOTHED and HYDRATED SKIN.

  • After showering and when completely dry, apply one pump to each area of the body
  • Apply daily , or every second day  ( if you are using a nightly oil/balm, use this every am, and your chosen oil/balm nightly) 
  • To reduce sensitivity, use twice daily on the face after cleansing before switching to Bd or Bk serum once a full Bf bottle has been completed.

Ingredients -  

Finger lime, Sodium benzoate 0.02 % 

Phytoactives - 

Ferulic acid -  is a hydroxycinnamic acid that hydrates and protects against free radical and environmental damage caused from exposure to UV rays and pollution.

  • Significant protection from UV radiation
  • Hydration
  • Prevention of skin alterations such as sun and age spots and skin blemishes
  • Prevents early ageing

Byangelicin - is a flavanone that promotes anti-glycation activity. Glycation causes protein and collagen to become stiff and malformed and reverses this process. Byangelicin is also a potent anti-ageing active that reduces the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reverse the appearance of dimples and cellulite
  • Stops the build-up of skin leading to dryness and flaking
  • Anti-ageing 


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