Aika Wellness

KAPHA Travel Discovery Kit - Congested / Oily Skin


The ultimate all-you-could-ever-desire Kapha Face Collection, lovingly handcrafted in small pots to treasure the whole experience of true wellbeing wherever you roam, perfect for your own wanderlusting or giving to someone who deserves pure, luxurious joy in their life. 


The Kapha Dosha range are mindfully created to be invigorating, detoxifying, enlivening and energising for your skin, body and emotions on a deep and intuitive level. Using only certified organic ingredients and ancient Ayurvedic medicinal wisdom, the Kapha treatments are ideal for your normal to oily skin, transforming any congestion or blemishes with luxurious and deep healing on a cellular level.

The luxurious Kapha Discovery Pack contains your complete Arise and Retreat rituals for nurturing your skin morning and night, as each intentional nutrient works in synergy you will feel your whole Kapha body, mind and spirit transform over a monthly cycle of renewal.


The Kapha Discovery Pack gifts you the divine complete collection;

  • Kapha Pure Polish 30ml
  • Kapha Tonic 30ml
  • Kapha Balm 10ml
  • Kapha Deep Cleanser 30ml
  • Kapha Ayuressence 10ml
  • Kapha Elixir 10ml