Aromatology by Keely Watson

Aromatology by Keely Watson ~ HĀ inhalation blend


 We are the exclusive Australian stockist of Aromatology ~ By Keely Watson.

All Aromatology products are made to order.  All pre orders close at the last day of each month. Keely creates by hand,  so you receive the freshest and highest quality micro batch products . Each pre order arrives in Brisbane  by the 15th of the next month and will be sent to you when it arrives. 

This is a JAN 31st Pre order for a 15th Feb arrival. 

Hā is the breath. Our life force and anchor point into the present moment. Simply by being attentive to the breath we can call our power back, knowing that where our awareness goes our energy goes too. 

Hā is a concentrate blend of pure aromatic oils created to have an immediate effect on our well-being through direct inhalation or room diffusion. Aromatics chosen for their vibrational life force and subtle energetics.

Frankincense, Sandalwood and Lavender work to slow the breath, deepen the breath, restoring balance and harmony to the nervous system. While Neroli blossom and sweet Orange — uplifting oils of joy and peace, calm and soothe the heart.


The HĀ ritual

For direct inhalation: Dispense 3 drops of Hā onto a tissue and bring to the face holding in cupped hands over the nose. Pause here for a few moments, becoming aware of the natural flow of breath. From this place of awareness, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. At the top of the inhale, allow the outgoing breath to flow out again through the nose, softly and effortlessly. Repeat this style of breath at least seven times.

For room diffusion: Add 3 - 7 drops to a diffuser, burner or bowl of warm water. Allow to diffuse into a space for periods no longer than 30 minutes. 

The Hā ritual can be brought in before cleansing with SOLA or self massage with BARDO. It can be used as an anchor point at anytime throughout the day, prior to meditation or as part of a nightly wind-down ritual. A tissue with Hā can be tucked into the underside of your pillowcase to support a restorative nights sleep, resting with AJNA.


HĀ ingredients

*Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis, *Neroli blossom Citrus aurantium var amara, *Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum, ^Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, ^Frankincense Boswellia sacra.

Cultivation: *certified organic ^wild grown  

All Aromatology products are blended fresh to order — use within 6 months of purchasing.   

To preserve the integrity of this product keep in a cool, dry area away from direct light.

Strictly for inhalation only. Do not apply to the skin or take internally. Be mindful of who occupies the space you're diffusing into and respectful of the power from pure plant aromatics. Do not diffuse in small enclosed spaces around young children or animals.


HĀ bespoke

You can have Hā created bespoke, just for you.

Maybe you have a specific therapeutic requirement or a preference towards a particular aromatic profile. The original formula may have a known allergy you want to avoid or perhaps you just like the idea of something being made intentionally with you in mind. Whatever the reason, simply choose the bespoke option below and we can begin the process.




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